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Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and the founder of The Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI).  As an applied linguist and a conversation analyst, Dr. Waring has primarily been interested in understanding the discourse of teaching and learning in a variety of pedagogical contexts such as graduate seminars, peer tutoring sessions, second language classrooms, and post-observation conferences.  Her work has appeared in leading applied linguistics journals such as Applied Linguistics, TESOL Quarterly, Language Learning, The Modern Language Journal as well as leading discourse journals such as Research on Language and Social Interaction, Journal of Pragmatics, Text and Talk, and Discourse Studies. She is on the editorial board of Classroom Discourse and the author (with Jean Wong) of Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy (Routledge, 2010).



Catherine Box is a doctoral student in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include using a conversational analytic framework to explore classroom discourse analysis in the L2 classroom and cross-cultural interactions in general. She is also interested in employing mixed methods research to delve into questions surrounding L2 literacy. Currently, Catherine is an instructor in the TESOL/AL Program and a student teaching supervisor for Master’s students seeking TESOL certification in the K-12 public schools in New York.

Editorial Board Members

Shafinaz Ahmed is currently pursuing her Ed.D in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include second language reading as source of literacy and language acquisition. Currently she is teaching Business Communications at a non-profit workforce development organization in Brooklyn.  


Heidi Han-Ting Liu is a doctoral student in the TESOL program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research focus is on language assessment, with specific interests in grammar assessment, cognitive diagnostic assessment, and psychometric analysis. She has had over 10 years of EFL/ ESL teaching experiences. She currently also serves as the assistant to editor-in-chief of Language Assessment Quarterly. 

Ji-Yung Jung is an Ed. D. student in Applied Linguistics majoring in second language acquisition (SLA). Her research interests include focus-on-form instruction, psycholinguistic approaches to SLA, the role of attention and awareness in SLA, and the interactions between explicit and implicit L2 knowledge.


Maria McCormack is currently pursuing her Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College. Her doctoral work focuses on language assessment, and in particular language proficiency scaling. Her professional work involves the description of language ability levels and the programmatic alignment of learning goals, curriculum, and student achievement.  She is currently a Lecturer in Language at the American Language Program of Columbia University.

Elizabeth Reddington is a doctoral student in Applied Linguistics at   Teachers College, Columbia University. A 2009-2010 Fulbright grant recipient, she has taught English at the community college level as well as at the university level in Poland. Her research interests include classroom discourse, sociolinguistics, and second-language writing.


Book Review Editor

Yuna Seong is a doctoral student in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include language assessment (testing speaking in particular) and language teaching. She is currently teaching ESL at the American Language Institute, New York University, and is working as a testing coordinator in the Community Language Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Managing Editors:
Santoi Wagner (2001-2004)
Monika Ekiert (2005-2007)
Kirby Grabowski (2007-2009)

Adrienne Lew (2009-2012)

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Erman Boztepe (2003-2004)
Rebekah Johnson (2005-2007)
Christine Jacknick (2007-2009)
 Drew Fagan (2009-20010)

Sarah Creider (2010-2011)

Catherine Box (2011-2012)

Nancy Boblett (2012-2013)

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Heekyung Seol (2001-2003)
Joowon Suh (2001-2003)
J.D. Purdy (2001-2004)
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Erman Boztepe (2003-2005)
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 Michael Perrone (2008-2010)

Yayun Anny Sun (2008-2010)
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Christos Theodoropulos (2009-2011)
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Mi Sun Park (2010-2012)
Catherine Box (2010-2011)

Farah Sultana Akbar (2012-2013)
Saerhim Oh (2012-2013)


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