On Three Potential Sources of Comprehensible Input for Second Language Acquisition

Eun Sung Park


The 2002 Applied Linguistics and Language Education (APPLE) Award Winning Ed.D. (5500) Research Paper in TESOL

Three potential sources of comprehensible input for second language acquisition are examined: Modified Input, Interactionally Modified Input and Modified Output. To this end, an attempt is made to closely investigate how each type of linguistic environment facilitates learner comprehension, and subsequently, acquisition. Different theoretical claims as well as a number of empirical studies are discussed in order to explore the link between different sources of input and language development. The paper concludes with a critical discussion of how the perceived comprehension actually leads to the acquisition of the features of the target language, and with suggestions for future research in this area.


Input; Interaction; SLA; L2; Output; Modified Output; Comprehensible Input; Language Development

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